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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so you can efficiently use Tastoid.

About Tastoid

Tastoid is a website whose aim is to provide personalized recommendations for movies and TV shows and to encourage social discovery, all in one place.
Tastoid is the combination of the word "taste" and the suffix "-oid" (having the likeness of). It refers to our mission: helping users to find new interesting content to watch.

We have been working on this idea of a more accurate movie recommendation system for 3 years based on attributes (Plot, Mood...).

Usually recommendation systems generate suggestions based on all the titles liked by the user, but our intuition is that a person likes different types of movies (e.g. no-brainer movies and films d'auteur). We believe that our recommendation system would be significantly more accurate if it identifies these different categories and generate recommendations for each subgroup.


No. You can freely browse all of Tastoid without an account, but you will need to sign up if you want to track the titles you are watching, generate personalized recommendations and more.
Yes, Tastoid is free to use and it will remain so.
If you no longer wish to use this website, you can deactivate your account in your Account Settings. Once your account is deactivated, please contact us to have it permanently removed.

General Use

We invite new users to read our About page, which covers the main features and provides helpful tips. The easiest interaction is to track the titles you have watched. To do so, click on to add a given title in your library, to rate it and to like it. Once you have rated a few tiles, you can start generating personalized recommendations.
No, we are not a streaming service, but we do link titles on other services (Netflix, Amazon Prime...). You can change your streaming preferences in your Account Settings.
You can easily import your library from IMDb, Criticker, Trakt and Letterboxd.

Our search engine is semantic, i.e. it can understands natural language. A few tips to use it more efficiently:

Please follow the instructions in this page to import a title you could not find in Tastoid.