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Dead Along the Way (2016) Poster

Dead Along the Way (2016)

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Hapless wedding videographers Wacker and Tony find themselves unexpectedly dealing with a dead body, overly-enthusiastic Gardaí, fertility treatments, and a vengeful gangster - oh, and an imminent wedding. Based on a compilation of O’Carroll’s own experiences as a wedding videographer back in the day, the film is a buddy movie slash crime capper with the good guys coming out on top at the end, but not without the sense that the entire thing could go up in flames every other minute. Murphy and Bermingham have great chemistry that has you rooting for them from beginning to end.

  • Original title: Dead Along the Way
  • Release date: July 6, 2016
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: N/A
  • Runtime: 1h 27min
  • Producers: N/A


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