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Buster, Babs and the entire 'Tiny Toons' gang decided to take a trip to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. Meanwhile, Elmrya believes that Buster is the Easter Bunny, and with the help of Samuel Gerard(Tommy Lee Jones in 'The Fugitive') they go on a mission to capture Buster. Plucky tries to make a quick buck by sellin' "The Tan Meiser 6000" but quickly turns his sights on a blonde duck that passes him by. Spoofs of music videos and films of that time (1994) are some of the highlights


John Kassir Photo
John Kassir

Buster Bunny (voice)

Joe Alaskey Photo
Joe Alaskey

Plucky Duck / Wade Pig (voice)

Tress MacNeille Photo
Tress MacNeille

Babs Bunny / Bubbie / Additional Voices (voice)

Cree Summer Photo
Cree Summer

Elmyra Duff / Mary Melody / Additional Voices (voice)

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