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Les Patterson Saves the World. A True Story


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Fat middle aged 24/7 drunkard Les Patterson represents Australia at the UN where his fart literally incinerates an Arab ambassador. Patterson is reassigned to the Middle East so he can be tortured to death by the country he insulted. Patterson's arrival is the prefect distract of a coup and he is spared. At a bar Patterson meets a bio weapons scientist who's developed a horrific disease for the KGB whom plan to distribute it to the Pentagon via toilet seats. Patterson of course is far too drunk to understand anything happening and teams up with Dane Edna to save the world.


Barry Humphries Photo
Barry Humphries

Sir Les Patterson / Dame Edna Everage

Pamela Stephenson Photo
Pamela Stephenson

Veronique Crudite

Thaao Penghlis Photo
Thaao Penghlis

Colonel Richard Godowni

Andrew Clarke Photo
Andrew Clarke

Neville Thonge

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