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Created by gay directors and actors, Boys On Film features numerous award-winning shorts that deal with all aspects of gay life. Volume 1: Hard Love contains nine complete films: Hong Khaou's "Summer" starring Peter Peralta and Jay Brown; Michael Simon's "Gay Zombie" starring Brad Bilanin, Ryan Carlberg, and Robin McDonald; Jason Bushman's "Serene Hunter" starring Eric Debets, Flannan Obé, and Jonathan Blanc; Timothy Smith's "Le Weekend" starring Omar and Fernando Peres; Jean Baptiste Erreca's "Cowboy Forever" featuring Govinda Machado de Figueiredo and Jones Carlos Fialho de Araújo; Damien Rea's "Scarred" starring Chris Anderson, David Durham, and Lara Cazalet; Tim Hunter's "Packed Lunch" featuring Kevyn Boemia, Chris Sayers, and Steven Quigg; John Winter's "Mirror Mirror" starring Roy Billing; and Maxwell Barber's "VGL-Hung!" starring Marcus Proctor, Jeff Chandler, and Ashley Ryder.

  • Original title: Boys On Film 1: Hard Love
  • Release date: Sept. 3, 2009
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Runtime: 2h 27min
  • Producers: Peccadillo Pictures


Jay Brown Photo
Jay Brown

Will (segment "Summer")

Peter Peralta Photo
Peter Peralta

Leung (segment "Summer")

Brad Bilanin Photo
Brad Bilanin

Miles the Zombie (segment "Gay Zombie")

Ryan Carlberg Photo
Ryan Carlberg

Todd (segment "Gay Zombie")

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