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A fairy tale about animals, which tells how the desire to be useful to others helps to cope with vanity and anger. Four friends - Fly, Frog, Hedgehog and Cockerel found an old cart. The cart is ordinary, but the wheels are different. Sitting on the tree Magpie told the friends that the cart was made by the Bear, who did not finish and threw it, that's the cart and lying around. The friends were interested in the wheels, and they decided to take them home.

  • Original title: Разные колёса
  • Release date: March 23, 1960
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Animation
  • Runtime: 0h 11min
  • Producers: Soyuzmultfilm


Ivan Lyubeznov Photo
Ivan Lyubeznov

The Bear (voice) / Медведь

M. Tarkhova Photo
M. Tarkhova

The Frog (voice) / Лягушка

Elena Ponsova Photo
Elena Ponsova

The Magpie (voice) / Сорока

Georgiy Vitsin Photo
Georgiy Vitsin

The Cockerel (voice) / Петух

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