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A little slacker doesn't appreciate his childhood and wants to face with adult problems as quickly as possible.

  • Original title: Как стать большим
  • Release date: Oct. 1, 1967
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Animation, Family
  • Runtime: 0h 10min
  • Producers: Soyuzmultfilm


Rina Zelyonaya Photo
Rina Zelyonaya

The Kitten (voice)

Klara Rumyanova Photo
Klara Rumyanova

The Bunny (voice)

Georgiy Vitsin Photo
Georgiy Vitsin

The Mushroom (voice)

Mariya Vinogradova Photo
Mariya Vinogradova

The Granny Cat, The Beaver, The Teddy Bear (voice)

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