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Gehara: The Dark and Long-Haired Monster (2009) Poster

Gehara: The Dark and Long-Haired Monster (2009)

Directed by Kiyotaka Taguchi.
Starring Ken Osawa, Mina Fujii, Mitsuko Oka and Shirô Sano.


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A fishing boat is attacked at sea by a gigantic, hairy monster. After examining the sole survivor (Kanji Tsuda), scientific adviser Dr Murakami (Shiro Sano) suspects the culprit is a “Keukegen spectre”, a shaggy supernatural beast from Japanese folklore. The announcement leads reporter Hideo Akihara (Ken Osawa) to a forest shrine dedicated to the Keukegen Geharha, where he finds several worshipers and learns that an ancient seal containing the monster has been broken.

  • Original title: 長髪大怪獣ゲハラ
  • Release date: Feb. 24, 2009
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Comedy, Science Fiction, Horror, Action, Fantasy
  • Runtime: 0h 15min
  • Producers: NHK


Ken Osawa Photo
Ken Osawa

Hideo Hagiwara

Mina Fujii Photo
Mina Fujii

Momoko Hagiwara

Mitsuko Oka Photo
Mitsuko Oka

Tsuruko Hagiwara

Shirô Sano Photo
Shirô Sano

Dr. Murakami

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