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A musical film about the adventures of the wandering musicians from Bremen such as Troubadour, Donkey, Dog, Cat and Rooster. In one of the towns Troubadour falls in love with a Princess and makes up a plan how to get the King's confidence.

  • Original title: Бременские музыканты
  • Release date: Oct. 10, 1969
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Family
  • Runtime: 0h 20min
  • Producers: Soyuzmultfilm


Elmira Zherzdeva Photo
Elmira Zherzdeva

Princess (voice) / принцесса

Anatoli Gorokhov Photo
Anatoli Gorokhov

Rooster / Cat / Donkey / Dog / Guardian (voice) / Петух, Кот, Осёл, Пёс, охрана

Oleg Anofriev Photo
Oleg Anofriev

Troubadour / King / Guardian / Robbers / Robbers chieftian [Atamansha] (voice) / разбойники, охрана, Трубадур, Атаманша

Gennadiy Gladkov Photo
Gennadiy Gladkov

Undersized guard (voice) (uncredited) / Король (произносит слова «Большой секрет!» в песне охранников, в титрах не указан)

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