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When seven archaeologists find an ancient Inca temple, they become victims of an ancient curse. Back in Europe, one by one they fall into a deep sleep and only once a day, all at the same time, they wake up for a few minutes and experience hallucinations where the sinister living mummy of Rascar Capac appears.

  • Original title: Le Temple du Soleil
  • Release date: Dec. 13, 1969
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Animation, Comedy, Adventure
  • Runtime: 1h 18min
  • Producers: Belvision and Dargaud Films


Philippe Ogouz Photo
Philippe Ogouz

Tintin (voice)

Claude Bertrand Photo
Claude Bertrand

Captain Haddock (voice)

Lucie Dolène Photo
Lucie Dolène

Zorrino (voice)

Georges Atlas Photo
Georges Atlas

Chiquito (voice)

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