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Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted? (2009) Poster

Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted? (2009)

Directed by Linda Mendoza.
Starring Nick Swardson and Ruth Barrie.


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Nick started stand up at the age of 18. In his first year of stand up he was chosen to perform at the U.S. Comedy Arts festival. In 2000, he hit a milestone in his career when he taped his Comedy Central half-hour special at the age of 22 (the youngest to do so). More recently, Nick wrote and starred in the Happy Madison-produced films Grandma's Boy and Benchwarmers.

  • Original title: Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted?
  • Release date: May 19, 2009
  • Status: Released
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Runtime: 0h 59min
  • Producers: N/A


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